2023 Hottest Wedding Trends


2023 will be the Year of the Wedding, as couples who have waited out the pandemic return to Nova’s venues in full force. Wedding fashions have gotten a jump start in the post-COVID wedding boom, with couples going bigger and bolder than ever. The newest trends are bright, fun, and even daring. So what exactly is in in 2023? Here are the biggest trends this season.

Bright Colors

Neon, tropical, watercolors, all colors are in in 2023. Bold, bright palettes like orange and fuchsia are trending, as well as neon green and pink. Yesterday’s rustic wedding with mostly white and green and a pop of pastel will be reinvented as more green, less white, and more pop.

Tropical colors wedding palette
Photo by Danielle Towle Photography, from Rustic Citrus Watercolors


Couples are thinking up fun and unique ways to imbue their special day with a sense of fun. Just a few of the wedding themes we’ve heard people talking about are tropical, carnival – Paris Hilton just had a “carnival neon” wedding – disco, mystery, art deco, Harry Potter, vintage circus, candy land, and rock and roll.

Tropical wedding theme
Photo by Sweet Caroline Photography, florals by Westvirjeni, from A Tropical Wedding at Kalero

Custom Cocktail/Mocktail Accessories

Signature cocktails and mobile bars aren’t new for 2023, but they are more personalized than ever. Accessories in particular are trending; couples can now customize more than just a name and date on a stirrer. Accessories such as drink tags and floating toppers can be made in any shape or color a couple desires. Together with the mobile bar trend which has brought us vintage campers and converted horse trailers, the cocktail bar has been elevated from an after-thought to a prominent feature of wedding design.

mobile bar at wedding
Photo by Poppy and Lace, from The Easy Pour

Neon Signs

The sign trend isn’t waning, thanks to the proliferation of creative new designs from Nova’s wedding vendors. Neon signs can be custom-designed to say anything a couple wants – and to say it boldly! They can be found on ceremony arches, cocktail bars, even as centerpieces – wherever a little light and whimsy is needed.

neon sign at wedding
Photo by Sweet Caroline Photography, florals by Westvirjeni, from A Tropical Wedding at Kalero

Colorful Wedding Dresses

While most brides continue to choose white dresses, the number choosing a different color has been increasing in recent years. As wearing a color other than white becomes more acceptable, more brides will doubtless choose to do so – especially with so many other gorgeous colors to choose from!

Pink wedding dress at River Chase wedding venue in Harper's Ferry
Photo by Megan Watson, from A Harper’s Ferry Wedding