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2024 Trends: Something Old, Something Retro

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Cover Photo: from Party Like It’s Nineteen Ninety Wine, Tamara Ines Photography

One of the most enjoyable parts of wedding trend-watching is seeing what blast from the past will pop up next as the industry’s decor du jour. Some retro trends fade away quickly, and other stick around for the long haul. We’ve made a list of our favorite retro and vintage wedding trends, all of which have been going strong for a few years now and show no signs of slowing down. So if you like it, go for it!

Disco Balls

Party Like It’s 199-Wine, Bobby Bandz Productions

Not just a passing fad, but apparently here to stay for a while. Why? Because they are sparkly and pretty and irresistible, and as at home in a winter wonderland as they are at a spring fling. Disco forever!

Lacey Gowns

Perhaps it’s the influence of Bridgerton, or the ubiquitous popularity of vintage everything, but delicate, lacey gowns are everywhere, and we are here for it.


They’re called crowns now, but they were a thing way back when and they’re back now, only bigger and better. With burnished gold and unexpected materials in place of the ubiquitous rhinestones of the past, tiaras (crowns) are totally in again. Permission to princess granted!


Tropical Wedding at Kalero, Sweet Caroline Photography

There was a time when every bride was asked, “What’s your theme?” Was it beach, or glam, or Great Gatsby? A wedding needed themed favors and centerpieces. And then suddenly, there were no themes, and sometimes there weren’t even any color schemes, and for a few years it seemed every wedding was green and white. Well good news, themes are back! Not just color schemes, but real, honest-to-goodness themes, with props and centerpieces and fun outfits. Sophistication be damned, this crop of couples is determined to have fun!

Matching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Lavender Haze-Inspired Wedding, Emily Nicole Photography

Today’s Virginia brides clearly like making a bold, feminine statement with color, and they aren’t afraid of a little matchy matchy. We’ve heard some fashionistas insist this is out, but sheer numbers tell us that here in Virginia, it’s definitely in. Perhaps it’s because matchy matchy no longer means the cut has to be the same, since online vendors like Azazie now make identical colors in a number of cuts for different shapes and sizes. Or maybe it’s because these dresses can be purchased online at a fairly affordable price, making it less onerous for a bridesmaid to purchase a one-time-use dress. But regardless, if this look was ever really out, it’s definitely in now.

Vintage Decor

Fox and Fern Rentals

Pretty much anything antique or vintage is fair game for weddings today. Rotary phones, brass candlesticks, vintage tea cups, antique radios, settees – vintage items can be seen in weddings ranging from luxury to DIY. Some of our favorites are retro items like audio guestbooks that look like rotary phones, and vinyl record players.

Vintage Cakes

This is probably our favorite vintage thing of all. Bakers like Rose Vanilla are using buttercream frosting and various piping techniques to create vintage-looking swirls and frills. Unexpected colors such as mint green are a fun twist.

Vendor Carts

We love the food cart craze! From ice cream to beer, adorable bicycle and push carts are being outfitted with umbrellas and vintage decor to serve various treats and libations at fashionable weddings.

Vintage and Antique Vehicles

These make a bold statement at any wedding, especially brightly colored retro buses like Marigold and Kombikeg. Antique and vintage vehicles like the one above make an upscale getaway car (and a great photo opp).