Beautiful Food Displays for Your Wedding


Everyone loves a beautiful presentation of their wedding dishes, so we’ve collected some of our favorite looks. From flowers you can eat to food that looks like flowers, check out these gorgeous displays. Want the same look? All these caterers are local, and as usual, we’re naming names.

Photo by Emily Wilcox Photography

First prize goes to Fields of Athenry Farm, who made these edible flower salads. I mean, they’re actual flowers, so it really doesn’t get much prettier than that.

We are told there are two kinds of macaroons – those that look good but don’t taste good, and those that look good and taste good. We tried these treats from Sage Cakery and can assure everyone that they tasted as good as they looked.

Photo by Sweet Caroline Photography

We love how Pampas Fox Catering created this charcuterie table to match the couple’s tropical theme.

It’s hard to tell the food from the decor in this amazing charcuterie display from Grazeful.

We’ve written about El Board before – we love their unique charcuterie shapes and really creative combinations!

Cover Photo by Emily Wilcox Photography, Dish by Fields of Athenry