El Board Sweet and Savory


Charcuterie has come a long way from a simple appetizer.  The trend has been picking up speed for several years now, and local charcutiers are now offering all kinds of creative boards – including boards that aren’t even boards. 

El Board Sweet and Savory, our vendor spotlight this week, offers a variety of beautiful and interesting presentations, from bouquets to letter shapes. There is even a candy heart that is broken open with a tiny hammer, to reveal more sweets inside.

Magda Hopper, owner of El Board, told us that the bouquets were first intended to provide individually portioned charcuterie, but have since become one of their most popular offerings.

Fun fact: Charcuterie is a French term originally used to describe the culinary art of preserving meats, before the advent of refrigeration. Today, charcuterie boards typically include not only preserved meats, but also fruits, nuts, cheeses, olives, honey, jams, and jellies.

El Board’s bouquets include both sweet and savory items – for example, cured meats and olives alongside small sweets, such as candies or cookies.

These LOVE letter shapes were offered for Valentine’s Day, but boards can be customized with any word.

These hearts make a fun choice for a wedding or bridal shower. El Board is also currently offering Easter egg shapes in a similar product.

El Board Sweet and Savory products can be ordered through email, Facebook, or Instagram: