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A Bridal Shower at Hope Flower Farm

This exquisitely-designed bridal shower by Priscilla Hawn of Sweet Memories by Design took inspiration from the fields of flowers at Hope Flower Farm. The shower included an assortment of flower-themed foods, a farmhouse table beneath hanging pots of flowering greenery, jewel-toned tableware, and a unique flower bar.

flower bar

Guests were invited to create their own arrangements from an abundance of homegrown flowers.

Jewel-colored goblets, brown chairs, and a farmhouse table, all available at the venue, were incorporated into a nature-inspired palette with a collage of paper flowers in soft neutrals.

And yes, these are edible flower salads! Fields of Athenry Catering extended the flower theme of this event to every detail, right down to the vintage tea cups with flower-shaped garnishes.

Country Confections provided baked goods in the form of 3 cakes (our favorite of which was decorated with delicate pink flowers), as well as an assortment of pastries in the shapes and colors of a spring garden.

Finally, guests were gifted with wooden cheese boards to take home. Unique and useful!

Hope Flower Farm was also our featured vendor this month. Read the article here.

The Vendors: