Marigold Bus and Photo Booth

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When photographer Sarah Santa Ana decided to get a photo booth, she knew she wanted something interesting. Little did she know it would turn out to be a 3000lb, bright orange VW bus! But when she saw Marigold online at a Michigan dealership, the vintage bus immediately stood out. She had it shipped to Virginia, where she and her husband outfitted it with a custom photo booth, professional DSLR camera, and studio lighting.

Marigold now celebrates weddings, corporate events, private functions, and even lends her good looks to styled shoots.

As a photographer, Sarah wanted to make sure the images from the photo booth were as good as the experience.

With Marigold’s popularity growing, Sarah recently added the Poppy Booth (a vintage inspired GIF booth) and Lawn Games.

The Poppy Booth is a gif photo booth with lots of vintage style. It’s perfect for smaller spaces, where Marigold might not fit.

Santa Ana Photography has also recently been featured in Northern Virginia Wedding Style. Check out Sarah’s fun, carousel-inspired photo shoot here.

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