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Melodious Strings

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Nothing says elegant like a string quartet at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean your music selections can’t also be contemporary and fun.  Melodious Strings offers a repertoire ranging from Bach to Ed Sheeran, and specializes in custom arrangements.  That means couples can request any song they want and the groups founder, Katherine Hummel, will custom arrange the music.  

Formed in 2017 by Katherine and her fiancee, Michael Andree, the group has performed at over 300 weddings.  Including its founders, the group includes 15 professional musicians, all classically trained graduates of prestigious music programs with an impressive array of accomplishments.  They play primarily in Virginia and DC, but have also traveled to West Virginia, Maryland, and as far as Tennessee.

The group offers both traditional classical music and genres as diverse as Celtic music, film scores, music for worship, and even hard rock.  

They also offer consultations and will provide guidance to couples in creating a one-of-a-kind playlist.

Ensembles include string quartets, trios, duets, soloists, and even quintets.

Video and audio recordings of some of their arrangements are available on their website.

Cover photo by Sarah Cramer Shields Photography