A Photo Session with Blue the Dog

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We here at NoVa Wedding Style are known to be dog lovers, and we’ve been wanting for some time to post a photo session with a really cute dog. When we came across a photo of Blue the dog on Lindsay & Co. Photo’s Instagram page, we immediately asked if we could have the photos for publication. And so here it is – Hannah, Josh, and Blue’s Couple (plus dog) Photo Session.

Here is what Hannah had to say about how she and Josh met and became dog parents to the adorable Blue:

Like typical millennials, I met Josh on Hinge while living in Fells Point. It was a rainy Monday and Josh’s golf league got cancelled. He took a chance and asked me to meet for drinks at one of his favorite Baltimore City pubs – Ale Mary’s. Given it was a rainy night and a Monday, I had nothing better to do than meet up with Josh after only having minimal conversation! Luckily, Ale Mary’s happened to be right next door to my apartment. I saw Josh walk through the door and instantly knew I would love him. I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment!!

To this day and forever, agreeing to meet a random Hinge guy was the best chance I ever took! We drank orange crushes, ate tater tots, and got to know one another over the next several hours. Our relationship progressed quickly and we grew closer, truly becoming each other’s “favorite”. After about a year and a half of dating we moved in with one another. Life outside of the city was much slower so of course, I googled “adorable doodle puppies near me” to occupy my time. After MONTHS of convincing, I was able to get Josh to agree to let us get a puppy. We drove 5 hours to pick up Blue boy and our lives have been changed for the better because of him! He is the most loyal, playful, and hilarious dog and truly our best friend!

Couple Photos by Lindsay & Co. Photo, @lindsayandco.photo

Location: Downtown Leesburg, VA