Timeless Wedding Color Palettes

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Choosing a color palette for your wedding can be difficult. A color palette sets the tone for your day and informs many of your other decor choices. If you’re stuck on what to choose, here are four wedding color schemes that are timeless and good for all seasons.

1. Pink and Blue

Pair pastel pink or dusty rose with light or dark blue for a timeless, all-season look. Add sage green for a more rustic feel, pale yellow for a more feminine vibe, or navy for a crisp contrast.

2. Blue and White

Blue and white is a classic combination that works any time of year, in any setting. It can be paired with greenery for a more rustic look, or gold for classic elegance.

3. Green and White

It doesn’t get any more timeless than green and white as a wedding palette. Vary the type of greenery to achieve different looks – eucalyptus for a rustic wedding, green hydrangeas or even artichokes for a modern look, and evergreens for a cozy winter wedding.

4. Pale Pink and Cream

Pastel pink is a perennial favorite. Keep it simple, feminine, and classic by pairing with creams and greenery. This is a color palette that will never go out of style. A beautiful pale pink wedding gown makes a fashionable, yet subtle statement.

Cover photo by Mdree Photography